Pokemon May Cosplay

Pokémon May cosplay undoubtedly is one of the hottest choices for the cosplayers. May is one of the heroines of Pokémon, and she is the 10-year-old daughter of the Petalburg City Gym Leader-Norman and Max’s sister. When she meets Ash Ketchum the protagonist and then starts traveling with him after getting her first Pokémon named Torchic. She is gradually keen on the Pokémon after participating in the pokemon contests.

Pokemon May Cosplay

In terms of the characteristic of May, she is such a lovely and active girl with quick temper, and also is kind-hearted and easily angered, sometimes she is careless, but turns on a strong charm to boys. Especially, she will become quite excited in the face of something relates to food. She is a special pokemon trainer shows her unique glamour to her fans. You will be enamored with her merit and shortcomings, because she is so endearing in the eyes of others.

As for May cosplay, you need the brown hear, and put on a cute hat with two ears, a sleeveless jacket, shorts and gloves along with a bag, which is her typical accoutrement. You will suddenly feel that May possesses you as long as you have the cosplay costume on. We could feel the wonderful feeling from the  cosplay girl in the picture shows here.

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