Sexy Pokemon Team Rocket Jesse Cosplay Costume

Speaking pokemon cosplay, Team Rocket Jesse is one of the well-liked characters of this series. There are different reasons makes us want to try this role. One is that Jesse has sexy appeal. Yeah, she looks extremely sexy most of the time. This cosplay dress in the picture is also alluring and is the typical piece she has. So it is a must if we are going to portray her in the cosplay cons.

Pokemon Jesse is one of the antagonists and the leader of the Team Rocket. There are three leading roles from the team, and they are Jessie, James and the Meowth, who is a pokemon. It can be said that their existence adds the amusing plot to the story. As the bad characters in the Pokémon, their aim is to steal the pokemon including Pikachu but with a failed result every time or destroy the pokemon contests.

As Jessie usually don the masculine raiment for the purpose of disguise. And her striking feature is the red extravagant comic hairstyles, and this suit is composed of white jacket and short skirt, lack gloves, leg cap and boots, which is quite charming. It can be said that any of us could be the same as her as long as we put on this pokemon cosplay costume.

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